Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy Logic in modern Human Resource Management


  • Thomas Spengler
  • Tobias Volkmer
  • Sebastian Herzog



Artificial Intelligence , Data Mining, Demography Sensitive Personnel Policy, Digitization , Fuzzy Expert Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Scenarios, Human Resource Management , Leadership Styles, (Meta-)Heuristics, Portfolio Simulation


The corporate environment is always characterized by a high degree of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. These aspects influence Human Resource Management (HRM) just like other areas of the company. In the context of decision problems, especially in HRM, it is not always possible to specify all the considered variables precisely. A suitable instrument to deal with such fuzzy conditions is Fuzzy Logic (FL). This paper aims to give insights into this field and its possible applications in HRM. For this purpose, selected theoretical foundations from the areas of HRM, FL and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are presented first. Based on this, situations in HRM are shown in which it can be useful to include FL in decision calculations. These concern e.g. problems of personnel allocation or considerations on the segmentation of labor forces. The paper is aimed at both practitioners and scholars.