One-Dimensional Turbulence Simulations for Reactive Flows in Open and Closed Systems


  • T. Starick
  • J. A. Medina M.
  • H. Schmidt



The One-Dimensional Turbulence (ODT) model is applied to reactive flows in open and closed systems represented by a lifted jet flame in a vitiated coflow, and a constant volume autoignition configuration, respectively. ODT is a one-dimensional model for turbulent flow simulations, which uses a stochastic formulation to represent the effects of turbulent advection. Diffusion and reaction effects along the ODT domain are considered by deterministic evolution equations. This work is an effort to verify the applicability and efficiency of the model for open and closed systems. In the open system case, ODT results are compared against experimental results of a lifted methane/air jet flame detailed in the work of Cabra et al. (2005). In the closed system case, a periodic, constant volume domain is used to investigate the sensitivity of the ignition evolution to initial temperature and composition inhomogeneities of a lean n-heptane/air mixture. In the latter context, ODT results are compared to DNS results from Luong et al. (2015). The results for the jet and constant volume configuration show a reasonable match with the experimental and DNS data, considering the reduced order of the model and the underlying assumptions for each case. At the jet configuration, a dependence of the flame evolution on the turbulence intensity parameter can be seen. For the closed system, initial temperature and composition inhomogeneities allow a mitigation of the undesirable rapid pressure rise due to locally different ignition delay times.




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Starick, T., Medina M., J. A. and Schmidt, H. (2019) “One-Dimensional Turbulence Simulations for Reactive Flows in Open and Closed Systems”, Technische Mechanik - European Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 39(1), pp. 162–174. doi: 10.24352/UB.OVGU-2019-015.