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Dear readers, subscribers and friends of the journal Technische Mechanik

Our journal was founded in 1980 as a print medium and so we proceeded until the nineties of the last century. Due to the technical development and the spread of the internet we created in addition to the printed journal a free-of-charge online version of the journal. Now we are at a further step in our history. One can see that printed editions of the journal are not so much demanded in the age of electronic media. Therefore, we decided that the journal Technische Mechanik, starting with the year 2019, only will be available online as an open-access journal. We would like to thank all the subscribers for their many years of loyalty and hope to welcome you and many other interested parties at our website now and in the next years. Beginning in 2019 we only will accept papers for publication which are written with LaTeX and confirm to our new guidelines and templates. Please use the prescribed styles which you can find on our website. Papers written with other word processing software such as MS Word will not be accepted.

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