Non-Synchronous Motions Near Critical Speeds in a Single-Plane Auto-Balancing Device


  • B. Ryzhik
  • L. Sperling
  • H. Duckstein


Automatic balancing devices comprising several balls or other moving elements in circular tracks can efficiently compensate rigid rotor unbalance in certain ranges of rotational speed. However, near critical speeds the vibration level can be comparatively high as a result of non-synchronous ball motions. The paper considers such non-synchronous motions of balancing elements. The characteristics of ball motions and the main factors influencing the investigated phenomenon are analyzed. The paper includes an analytical study of  nonsynchronous motions, results of computer simulations and comparison with experimental data. Recommendations are  given for the optimal choice of auto-balancing device parameters and other measures for decreasing vibrations near critical speeds.




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Ryzhik, B., Sperling, L. and Duckstein, H. (2019) “Non-Synchronous Motions Near Critical Speeds in a Single-Plane Auto-Balancing Device”, Technische Mechanik - European Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 24(1), pp. 25–36. Available at: (Accessed: 25 February 2024).