• Matti Ristinmaa
  • Albrecht Bertram


This volume contains selected papers presented at the 6th International Conference on Material Modeling (ICMM6), which took place June 26-28 2019 at the campus of Lund University, Sweden. By all meaningful measures, ICMM6 was a great success, attracting 161 participants from almost 30 countries (ranging from senior colleagues to graduate students)and featuring a technical program that well reflected the cutting-edge of materials modeling research.

ICMM6 included thematic sessions on the following topics

• linear elasticity and viscoelasticity

• nonlinear elasticity

• plasticity and viscoplasticity

• experimental identification and material characterization

• Cosserat, micromorphic and gradient materials

• atomistic/continuum transition on the nanoscale

• optimization and inverse problems in multiscale modeling

• granular materials and particle systems

• biomechanics and biomaterials

• electronic materials

• heterogeneous materials

• coupled field problems

• creep, damage and fatigue

• numerical aspects of material modeling.

The aim of the ICMM conferences is to bring together researchers from different fields of material modeling and material characterization, and to cover essentially all aspects of material modeling thus providing the opportunity for interactions between scientists working in different subareas of material mechanics who otherwise would not come into contact with each other.




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