On the Contributions of Pavel Andreevich Zhilin to Mechanics


  • H. Altenbach
  • V. A. Eremeyev
  • D. A. Indeitsev
  • E. A. Ivanova
  • A. M. Krivtsov


This paper is dedicated to the memory of Pavel A. Zhilin (1942-2005), the great Russian scientist in the field of Rational Mechanics. He was educated and worked at the State Polytechnical University in St. Petersburg (Russian Federation), formerly known as the Polytechnical Institute. As Head of the Department of Theoretical Mechanics he supervised sixteen PhD theses (Candidate of Science theses) and six higher doctorates (Habilitations or Doctor of Science theses), some of them are shown on Fig. 2. His scientific interests covered various branches of Mechanics and Theoretical Physics. In his research he strived to pave a way based on Rational Mechanics to areas which are traditionally not associated with Mechanics, such as Physics of Microstructures and Electrodynamics. The paper gives a brief summary of the scientific biography and the main results obtained by Pavel A. Zhilin1.




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Altenbach, H. (2019) “On the Contributions of Pavel Andreevich Zhilin to Mechanics”, Technische Mechanik - European Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 29(2), pp. 115–134. Available at: https://journals.ub.ovgu.de/index.php/techmech/article/view/817 (Accessed: 13 July 2024).




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